How to get better at physics

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Wolverine is my favourite Marvel character (although Spider-man is a close second). I loved the mystery of his origin, I loved his reluctance to be part of a team yet his continued sacrifice for others. I own almost all of the comic books he has ever appeared in and was so excited when I heard that Logan ( was being released in 2017. However, I refused to watch the trailer. When it came on in the cinema I would run away as fast as possible.


I avoided any interviews on the movie, even to the extent of not knowing which actors were appearing so I couldn’t even guess which Marvel characters would appear and hence guess what the storyline would be. Why did I do this? Why would I avoid getting information about a film I so desperately wanted to watch. It’s simple. I did not want to spoil this experience. I didn’t want to know what was going to happen, I didn’t want to be able to even guess. I simply didn’t want to spoil the experience. Even when I watched it I knew I wanted to watch it again so I tried to not think too deeply about it. I wanted to watch it over again with fresh(ish) eyes. I wanted to experience it again as if I had never seen it before.

Learning is the exact opposite. By previewing skills and ideas in advance of lessons you can begin to build upon your prior understanding and make connections across the topics. When you enter the classroom you have already begun your learning so lessons should be easier and you can be better prepared to ask questions for more help. After you have left the classroom you can then review the content of the lesson to check your learning and link the previous lesson to the next one. This is what the most successful students do.

For more help with studying and revision please go to The Learning Scientists website and read through their evidence-based ideas. You can find out that simply having your mobile phone in your pocket leads to less learning and how learning things in class that appear ‘useless’ are really not. To start the process I would recommend watching a video called Six Strategies for Effective Learning.

The trailer is great by the way, but the movie is perfect.


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